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How do we work

The reproduction

The whole oyster story starts with the reproduction of the animal. When in the early summer the sea water is sufficiently warmed (+/- 20 C), a seed starts developing in the male oyster. The oyster meat is a mushy white mass at the time. Oyster breeders call this the “milking” of the oyster.

The larva

When the seed is matured and the eggs mature, it is expelled by the oyster. Somewhere in the sea a seed will encounter an egg, where fertilisation takes place. We now speak of a larva.

The adult oyster

The larva feeds on algae that are in the sea water, it becomes heavier and eventually drops to the bottom. The oyster farmer has waited for this moment and after having thoroughly cleaned his plot, puts collectors on it. Usually these are empty mussel shells, a residual product from the mussel factory. The larva can attach to it and grow into an adult oyster. This can take 4 to 5 years. During this period, the oysters are fished out 1 to 2 times and moved to plots where they grow better.

The harvest


When they are fully grown, they are harvested, then sorted by weight and stored in the storage well. There they rinse themselves free of sand, and then be sold to the customers.